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Children's Nature World
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Children's Nature World

Children's Nature World is located at Ramsfjell in Rennebu municipality, an almost secluded mountainous area west of Trollheimen. The area where known for its diverse plant life and the incredible amount of berries. Although wildlife is very diverse with lynx who sits at the top. In addition, there are several species of deer and many interesting bird species can also be observed, especially around the nature reserve deleted Tjønn. Fishing opportunities are many and varied both from rivers and streams of still water.

The area is currently used as pasture for sheep, reindeer and cattle and it is driven active forestry in the area. There are many summer farms in among the mountains and in the fall there is hunting of deer in large quantities.

There are three accommodations that are central to the Children's Nature World, and they are located by the Rams Sea Damtjørna and Hevertjørna. The houses are so-called "sælehus". Sælehus were used during the pilgrimage to Nidaros and mud houses of the Children's Nature World is accurate reconstructions of these houses. Sælejuset open fireplace, vent in the ceiling and lying benches. All the houses are open and they are also equipped with cookware.

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