Caving organized by NATUR OPPLEVINGAR AS

Dummdalsgrottene is situated in the Bøverdalen valley near Sognefjellet about 40 minutes from Lom. Many of the caves have been created by the river Dumma over millions of years. They give a rare opportunity to experience something unbelievably exciting. Something that can't be explained but has to be experienced. In the caves your sense of time and distance are lost in the darkness and sound of the river. The images from the glow of your helmet lamp will stimulate your fantasy.

Practical information

  • When: Daily.
  • Booking: Booking at the reception before 8:00 p.m. the day prior to arrangement.
  • Meeting place: NATURE EXPERIENCE in Lom. Located at the sports shop "Fjell og Fritid".
  • Meeting time: 9:00 a.m.
  • Duration: 5-7 hours, including transportation.
  • Meals/board: Guests at hotels, etc, have to make their own lunch packet and fill up their thermos/flask during breakfast.
  • Personal equpment: Tough and water proof clothing that you don`t care to much about getting dirty. Hiking/mountain boots are recommended.
  • Special equipment: NATURE EXPERIENCE provides participants with helmets, helmet lamps, and gloves.
  • Capacity: 30 persons.
  • Minimum age: 12 years, younger with parents/guardian.
  • Transportation: The NATURE EXPERIENCE minibus.
  • Distances: Lom - Dumdalen 40 km (miles)
  • Maps: Series M711 1:50 000, 1518 III Sygnefjell. 1:100 000 Tourist map of Jotunheimen.
  • Program: Group transportation from Lom to Dummdalen. The 1st cave is situated right beside the road. We will have lunch inside or outside the caves.

Contact and Address:
Glacier hike Smørstabreen - Naturopplevingar
P.O. BOX 111, N-2686 LOM
TEL. +47 61 21 11 55
FAX. + 47 61 21 19 85
MOB. + 47 94 36 96 64
MOB. + 47 94 37 84 09

Caving organized by Lom & Skjåk Adventure

Lom & Skjåk Adventure offers a huge range of activities with various levels of difficulty. Our professional team is ready to give you the ultimate nature experience. You can be sure to find an activity that appeal. We have activities were you will find peace and relaxation, activities that will inspire and recharge and activities that will increase your heartbeat and give you the ultimate adrenaline-kick.

As long back as the time glaciers covered Norway, the river Dumma has been carving hallways and caves in the limeston-mountains of Dumdalen. Thus has the caves of Dumdalen been shaped through the millenniums.
In the valley Dumdalen, we can find caves left and right. As some lay dry high up in the hillside, like the long and dark "Spiral of Death", others are still being carved by the river further down the valley.

Caving invites you to an exciting experience. Down in natures basement you will get to see extraordinary shapes of stone, total darkness, and silence and tranquility, only interrupted by the sound of the river.

Contact and Address:
Caving - Lom & Skjåk Adventure
NO-2690 Skjåk
Phone: 47261672

Cottage adventure in lom - 9 days

This nine days cottage tour organized by Cottage adventure in lom - allows you to explore the wild and unspoiled Norwegian nature. Your cottage is in the Lom area which is located just north of one of Norway’s most popular wilderness and recreational areas, the Jotunheimen National Park. If you feel like taking on a challenge, you should try some of the activities available in the area, such as rafting, horseback riding, caving, canoeing or the safe climb up the newly designed “Via Ferrata” climbing ladder. Head back to Oslo. On the way back to the capital, drive the main road through Gudbrandsdalen, where you can stop in Lillehammer - the host town of the 1994 Winter Olympics.

  • Season: 15 May - 15 Sep
  • Departures: Daily
  • Duration: 10 days / 9 nights

Booking and other details for Cottage adventure in lom - 9 days: Click here
Caving organised by - Lom & Skjåk Adventure

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