Carwalks - Ullensvang

Carwalks - Ullensvang

On the east side on Hardangervidda you will find a fantastic hiking area. The trails pass through varied scenery and you are guaranteed the most marvellous views, whichever way you go. 3 different maps covering the Ullensvang area are available, priced at NOK 10.- each. 21L Husedalen, Kinsarvik, 22K Elvadalen - Lofthus/Hardanger, 22O Aga. A unique combination of car trips and suitable, well prepared and way-marked walks. Here you can start planning your own expedition.

Hardanger fjord stretches 179 km from the ocean to the mountains, and is Hordaland’s longest fjord. It meets the Hardanger Plain at its tip in the mountainous, yet fjordside, district of Eidfjord. Rural communities widely famous for their beauty string along the fjord, with the fruit-growing districts of Ulvik and Ullensvang being among the most widely known.

FOLGEFONNA is the third largest glacier in Norway, with an area of 212 km2. Access on foot from Odda, Ullensvang and Jondal, by car from Jondal, all the way up to the edge of the glacier (May to October). Here is a café, good parking and the Folgefonn Summar Ski Centre, with ski lifts and snow activities for young and old. Glacier hikes. Marked trails to the top, and panorama views in good weather, among other destinations. In the summer, bus links from Jondal and up to the glacier (restricted access road). Carwalks, Hiking..

About Ullensvang district:
covers the eastern and western sides of the Sørfjord and the Oksen peninsula, with fruit-growing and tourism as the main industries. Ullensvang is Norway`s principal fruit-growing district, where 80% of the country`s cherries are grown, although apples are the main crop. Some 500.000 fruit trees make spring and autumn a unique experience.

Carwalks - Ullensvang - Map:
Location: Kinsarvik, Ullensvang
Carwalks - Ullensvang Map
Carwalks - Ullensvang
5782 Kinsarvik
Phone: 53 66 31 12
Fax: 53 66 32 03

Hiking on Hardangervidda East
5773 Hovland

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