Carwalks - Røldal

Carwalks - Røldal

4 different maps covering the Odda area are available, priced at NOK 10.- each. 22A Røldal, 22B Austdalen/Bråstøl - Røldal, 22C Valldalen/ Røldal, 22G Hovden, Odda. A unique combination of car trips and suitable, well prepared and way-marked walks. Carwalks, Odda Area Hardangerfjord (Hardanger Fjord) Mountain Hiking, Strolling, Day or Several Days Excursion, Group activities, Nature, Summer activities, Adventure, Mountain tour, Glacier hike, Guided tour.

Carwalks - Røldal - Map:
Carwalks - Røldal - Map

Carwalks - Røldal
5750 Odda
Phone: 53 65 40 05
Fax: 53 65 40 01

Also Visit Odda Tourist information center for updated schedule and others.

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