Carwalks - Eidfjord

Carwalks - Eidfjord

Eidfjord district is right at the head of the Hardangerfjord. Tourist road Rv7, the fastest and most scenic east-west route, traverses the district. In Eidfjord, you can take an interesting sightseeing tour or just relax beside the fjord, wander around, enjoy lunch and visit the excellent Gallery N. Bergslien. If you choose the sightseeing tour, you will visit Vøringsfossen Waterfall and the Hardangervidda Nature Centre.

There is a good selection of tours in the Hardanger region which is a good combination of car trips and short walks. A unique combination of car trips with well prepared and marked walks of passable duration. A separate walking map has been produced for each trip with special map drawings and informative texts.

2 different maps covering the Eidfjord area are available, priced at NOK 10.- each.Tour 21: Ulvik, Ullensvang, Eidfjord and Granvin. 21 F: Hæreid Eidfjord. A unique combination of car trips and suitable, well prepared and way-marked walks.

If you want to take more than one day to complete the trip, excellent overnight facilities are available. Although the trip is based on departure from a given point, one may of course join the route wherever you find it convenient. You may choose to complete a part of the trip or perhaps link up two or more trips.

Carwalks - Eidfjord Map:
Carwalks - Eidfjord Map

Carwalks - Eidfjord
5783 Eidfjord
Phone: 53 67 34 00
Fax: 53 67 34 01
Tourist map and other essential is available at Eidfjord Tourist Office

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