Canoeing and biking In Lillehammer

Biking on Lillehammer mountains trails

The Lillehammer area is well suited for canoeing in the mountain lakes and the Lågen River.

Biking on mountain trails is a very popular tourist activity. Trollcycling is the term used to describe a network of marked bicycle trails in the mountain area of Røros and Lillehammer. The trails follow to a large extent existing roads with little vehicle traffic. Small wooden signs mark the routes. Special maps are available with tour suggestions.

The Peer Gynt Mountain Road Biking

Follow the Peer Gynt Mountain Road or discover the scenic mountain landscapes at Skeikampen or Fagerhøi. The beautiful nature and traditional culture of the Gudbrandsdalen Valley have been a source of inspiration to several artists. The myths and stories hold everything from trolls to historical persons, such as Peer Gynt. Per Gynt is the same character that inspired Henrik Ibsen when he wrote his world famous masterpiece Peer Gynt. To get around, the best idea is to use a rowing boat, canoe or kayak, or a bike if you are land-bound. The current is strong in the upper parts. You can go exploring, fishing, birding, watching plants, swimming. The latter is for the haried, though, as with warm summer weather the northern glaciers melt and feed the river, green, icy cold glacier water. Activities and Length along the route:

  • Fishing
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Cycling
  • Hiking
  • Horse riding
  • Elk safaris
  • Canoe safaris
  • Rafting
  • Windsurfing
  • Boating
  • Wilderness tours
  • Swimming
  • Canoeing
  • Summer farm visits
  • Length: Approximately 60 kilometres/37 US miles

GONDOLA AT HAFJELL BIKE PARK - 586 vertical metres in 10 minutes

The Gondola whisks you easily and comfortably to the top of the mountain where you are dropped off right at the trailheads for inviting hiking and biking terrain. The Gondola cabins can also transport baby carriages and wheelchairs.

Downhill biking

Hafjell is the most developed resort for downhill biking. 14 trails covering all levels offer something for everybody. Hafjell Bike Park holds 45 rental bikes - also for children. Book in advance and try to treat yourself with a unique experience.

Mountain Bike

At Mosetertoppen you can pick up several trails of the network that criss-crosses the mountain plateau. Hire a bike at the rental shop at the base. Here you can also fix your bike in the workshop.

Contact Hafjell Bike Park
v/ Hafjell Alpinsenter
N-2636 Øyer
Phone: + (47) 61 27 47 00

Canoeing - Åstaelva in the Lillehammer mountains

Join us for some spectacular canoeing on the river Åsta. You are on your own and have the time to explore the 8 km river banks; stop for lunch, take a swim or follow a nature trail. If you are quiet you will explore the wild life. Stop for lunch and explore the river banks by following a nature trail. Ideal in combination with a bicycle trip, and packed lunch is avalable from Nordseter and Sjusjøen. The tour is tailored for couples and families with children. Lunch pack can be pre ordered. Mondays and Thursdays at 10:00. Price included bus transport: NOK 350,- pr. person. Children 5-18 years Kr. 200,-. Duration app. 5 hours.

Booking and information:
Nordseter Aktivitetssenter
2618 Nordseter / Lillehammer
Tel: +(47) 61 26 40 37

Practical information

tel: +47 61 28 99 70
fax: +47 61 26 92 50

During summer (in the peak season) the chair lift is operated in Hafjell Alpine Centre (15 km from Lillehammer) to the intermediate station. The lift is adapted to transporting bicycles, and from the intermediate station there are signposted cycle trails to Lillehammer and other areas. Canoe and bike rental at several places. Contact the Tourist Offices.
canoeing in the mountain lakes and the Lågen River.

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