Byggmakker Rjukan (Building Materials and Other Products)

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Byggmakker Rjukan
Svaddeveien 143 NO - 3660
+47 35 08 00 00
+47 35 08 00 39
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Byggmakker Rjukan (Building Materials and Other Products)

Byggmakker Rjukan is a shop with building materials and other products you need for house decoration or renovation.

Byggmakker is the Largest and only national building supply chain. Have 113 outlets across the country and sells to both consumer and professional markets. Garden of 113 outlets across the country and sell two bothering consumer and professional markets. Turnover is approx 7 billion.

Byggmakker is owned by Finnish Rautakesko is the leading building materials group.

Byggmakker shall be the customer's first purchase of building materials and they will find that have the most competent staff and inspirational products.

Vision: "To help customers to realize the dream of the good life" and values, "Popular, Orderly, Inspiring, Selling and competent to contribute to positive customer experiences and a good working environment.

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