Breheimen National Park

Strynefjellet conservation area - Breheimen National Park

Breheimsenteret is a National Park Visitor's Center at the entrance of the Jostedal Glacier National Park. This centre is located in Jostedalen and is an information centre for the Jostedalsbreen National Park. The glacier and the park have their names from the Jostedalen Valley. The Nigard Glacier is the easiest accessible arm of the main glacier. In August a new National Park was established on the eastern side of the Jostedal valley. This park is called Breheimen National Park. The Breheim Centre opened in 1993 and was authorised as a visitor centre for the Jostedal Glacier National Park in 1997.

The first national park for new biodiversity was adopted by the King in Council today. Breheimen National Park with adjacent landscape areas and nature reserves in the counties of Oppland and Sogn og Fjordane is the 32nd national park on the mainland of Norway. The Government has ensured the protection of some 10 274 km2 under the Nature Conservation Act and the Nature Management Act. As of 7 August 2009, around 15.7% or around 50 800 km2 of mainland Norway is protected. Reinheimen, Varangerhalvøya, Seiland, Hallingskarvet, Lomsdal-Visten, Ytre Hvaler and Breheimen have all been designated as national parks.

Breheimen National Park on the 1691 km2 is located in the municipalities Skjåk and Lom in Oppland and in Luster, Sogn og Fjordane. In addition, established landscape areas Strynefjellet, Mysubytta, Høydalen, Mørkridsdalen and Vigdal and Høyrokampen nature reserve. There are several very important natural types and a number of red List species in the area. In a number of valleys found richer biotopes with both threatened and rare bird species such as; White-backed Woodpecker. There are good deer stocks.

The national park is to ensure biodiversity and a spectacular landscape for posterity. The protected areas are contrast-filled with green valleys, protected waterways, bare rock and glaciers. Ensuring key wild areas is an important part of the purpose of the protection plan. In addition the area is essential in the protection of endangered species of certain birds and plants. If you are observant and with a little luck you can spot large predators and reportorial birds.

The nature in Breheimen National Park is very versitile. It ranges from green valleys and naked mountain tops to streaming rivers and glaciers. The area is connected to Jostedalsbreen National Park and offers good opportunities for hiking, skiing, glacier walking, climbing and summit tours.

The Norwegian Tracking Association (DNT) has well marked trails, self-serviced and staffed cabins both within and in the areas surrounding the national park. Many use the winter for adventure ski-roving to the glaciers of Nigardsbreen, Jostedalsbreen or Breheimen/ Jotunheimen where the peaks are easy to reach and the view breathtaking.

The centre teaches you about the National Park through its exhibitions and films. The centre features a lunch restaurant offering a wide range of hot and cold dishes, and a large souvenir shop. The centre’s veranda offers wonderful views of the Nigardsbreen glacier.

The Breheim Centre (Breheimsenteret) National Park Visitor's Center for Breheimen National Park (Breheimen nasjonalpark)

Contact information
Senior Advisor Ingunn Iversen
Telephone: 22 24 58 61
Fax: 22 24 27 56
Ministry of Environment
P.B. 8013 Dep
0030 Oslo

Directorate for Nature Management (DN) is the central, executive and advisory public body within the conservation of biological diversity,
outdoor activities and use of natural resources. DN's vision for life in nature and the nature of life, is an expression of this. DN is administratively under the Ministry of Environment. The authority to manage natural resources is provided through various laws and regulations. Beyond statutory Tasks directorate also has responsibility to identify, prevent and solve environmental problems by cooperation,
advice and information to other authorities and groups in the population.
Directorate for Nature Management,
7485 Trondheim
Tel.: 73 58 05 00

Breheimsenteret (the Glacier Visitor Centre)

Breheimen Area Mountains Guide

Breheimen National Park (Breheimen nasjonalpark)

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