Bømlo - one island, a thousand adventures

Røyksund canal, Bømlo - one island, a thousand adventures

Bømlo is an island community consisting of more than 1 000 large and small islands. The old municipality of Finnås was divided into Bømlo, Bremnes, and Moster on 1 July 1916. The two latter municipalities were merged back into Bømlo on 1 January 1963. A new recreation centre and a new upper secondary school, together with the construction of many homes in the area, have created an active and pleasant environment.

Bømlo is situated on the west coast of Norway between the cities Bergen and Haugesund. To get here, you can either travel by car, bus or boat. Bømlo was also involved in the Shetland bus operation in WWII. An extensive tunnel and bridge system, Trekantsambandet, connected Bømlo to the mainland and neighboring island Stord on 30 April 2001.

The people of Bømlo have always been pleased to welcome visitors and newcomers. They are proud of their district, their roots and the variety represented by Bømlo. The Røyksund canal, Bømlo is a popular destination for boaters.

The islands of Bømlo are an eldorado for boating people, leisure fishermen and for those who are interested in culture and who are looking for adventure built on old and rich traditions in fishing, maritime industry and christian values. Gold, sea and stone are important elements you experience when you visit Bømlo. Reveal how the coast has formed people and created industry and commerce. More than 150 events from Sveio in the south to Gulen in the north mobilize the diversity of the coastal culture.

On Bømlo you don't need luck to catch fish. Among the rocks and islets out on the coast you are almost guaranteed fish. The archipelago, with its many islands and islets, narrow sounds and sheltered coves, as well as the canals, makes Bømlo a gem for boating visitors. Here you need not spend much time looking for safe and sheltered moorings. Several places provide special facilities for boating tourists, with guest jetties, showers and other facilities. There are many marked trails on Bømlo.

During the Viking period, Bømlo was central to Norway's history, with Moster playing one of the main parts. There are many reminders of this: the old church from the 12th century, said to be the oldest church in Norway, the stone cross on Veta Hill, the Royal Stone and other monuments.

Communications are good, particularly with the new Three-Point Road Link. In addition, there are ferries to the mainland, to Sveio, and daily express boat routes to Stord, Bergen, Haugesund and Stavanger. The airports in Bergen, Haugesund and on Stord are not far away.

Car walks
Car walks is a new and exciting activity for those wanting more than just the view from their car window. These excursions combine the car journey with well organized and manageable walks along interesting marked trails. Special maps with informative texts for both the car journey and the walk help you find your way without difficulty. The point of departure for the walk is shown on the map of the road journey, and these walks start and end up where you can park your car. They take from 1 to 3 hours at normal walking speed. The routes are clearly marked, and with the help of the sketch maps and the text, you will have no difficulty finding your way. There are three such excursions on Bømlo:

  • Mosterhamn
  • Siggjo
  • Brandasund

The maps cost NOK 10,- each and are available at tourist offices and most stopovers in Hordaland.

Bømlo Tourist information Center:
The tourist information is located in the council hall at Svortland. Your host is Ester Barane Våge.
Bømlo kommune
Council hall Svortland
5430 Bremnes
Tel.: +47 53 42 30 27, +47 53 42 30 00
Fax: +047 53 42 30 01
E-mail: postmottak@bomlo.kommune.no

Bømlo Reiselivslag
P.O.Box 79, N-5445 Bremnes
Tel. +47 53 42 80 68
E-mail: bomlo.reiselivslag@online.no

Check www.bomlo.net for an overview of major and smaller cultural events on Bømlo. You will find information about exhibitions, review/theater productions, cinema programme, concerts, etc. You can also buy tickets for most cultural arrangements on the website.
Bømlo is an island community consisting of more than 1000 large and small islands.
Bømlo is an island community consisting of more than 1000 large and small islands.

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