Bø Museum

Bø Museum
Vinjesjøveien, Pb 14 NO-8469
Bø I Vesterålen
+47 76 13 82 00
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Bø Museum

Parkvoll, the former bailiff’s residence in Vinjesjøen, is today a museum. Out here on the coast, where the ghost of the sea keeps vigil and you can see the wood nymphs if you look closely, the narrative tradition still lives on.

North Norway’s great fairy tale writer, Regine Normann, came from Bø, and a room at the museum has been dedicated to her inspiring life and authorship. In Bø, we celebrate her with the Reginedagan Festival towards the end of July.

In the fairy tale forest you can creep among the rocks and hear about the princess who delved into the heart of the earth, and many other fairy tales by Regine Normann. The elf queen Borghild and all her elves live in the elves’ grotto, and here you can let yourself be captivated by songs and stories from Iceland.

There are many exhibitions at the museum. You can visit a fisherman’s cabin (rorbu) from the fishing village of Nykvåg, for instance, and see how the fishermen lived. A Lofoten sea chest will also be there, ready for your inspection. In the boathouse there are some magnificent vessels, including the beautiful eight-oarer “Njal,” built in Tysfjord in 1874. There are new and exciting summer exhibitions every year.

A network of paths is found all round the museum grounds, making Parkvoll Estate the perfect spot for a pleasant stroll. From the sculpture entitled “The Man from the Sea” you can enjoy a view of the Lofoten Islands, Gaukværøy and the Iron Age burial site at Svinøya. “The Man from the Sea” was created by the artist Kjell Erik Killi Olsen and is part of the Artscape Nordland project.

Today, the old bailiff’s office is a museum shop and café where you can buy books and old-fashioned sweets, or enjoy a cup of coffee.

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