Birka (National Center)

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Birka (National Center)

Birka name refers to a great commodity. The word is also used as a synonym for renewal. The name has a local flavor as Berkåk originally Birkaker, coming off Birk / birch and local flower Rennebu is birch. Moreover, the Viking town of Birka on Lake Mälaren, one of Scandinavia's first market place.

Birka is the national center for arts and crafts, and our aim is to facilitate a vibrant and profitable arts and crafts industry in Norway.

For businesses in the arts and crafts to Birka:

  • Contribute to increased quality and profitability
  • Be a resource center
  • Share contacts, training and development
  • Be a mouthpiece and a supporter to influence the industry's framework
  • And otherwise communicate and develop our common heritage.

In collaboration with various academic and expert Birka will be a center with an overview of available expertise as the industry demands, build networks nationally and internationally and to develop deals specifically targeted at industry. Birka would work closely with organizations and institutions that are keen to preserve the traditions of craftsmanship combined with innovative business activities.

Dissemination and Marketing
Birka intended to convey the history of the craft and artisan. Furthermore, the promotion of Norwegian artists and artisans an important Fok us. This is done partly through crafts portal. See also the marketing and referrals.

Birka head office is located at Berkåk in Rennebu, and is a regional, national and international commitment to the craft of tradition and renewal will form the frame of the various conferences and other activities.

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