Bergen Art Museum

Bergen Art Museum

Bergen Art Museum three collection´s comprises masterpieces of Munch, 18th century interiors frm Bergen, Norwegian and International art from the 14th century to contemporary art.

Bergen Art Museum is one of the largest art museums in the Nordic countries. Visitors can appreciate art from the Renaissance to the contemporary era in three characteristic buildings along the idyllic Lille Lungegård lake, in the very centre of the city. In the Lysverket building you can take a walk through art history in an extensive permanent collection. Rasmus Meyer Collection houses several of Edvard Munch’s masterpieces, as well as works by the leading representatives for Norwegian art in the 18th and 19th centuries. The Stenersen building is the venue for several temporary exhibitions every year. Arts Museums of Bergen is supported by The Municipality of Bergen, Hordaland County and Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs.

Bergen Art Museum is one of the largest art museums in Scandinavia, and offers magnificent art from the 15th century to contemporary art in three buildings along the Lille Lungegårdsvann. Lysverket, Rasmus Meyers allé 9. Art works displayed over three floors. Norwegian and international art from the 15th C until the present day. Works by famous artists like J. C. Dahl, Picasso and Klee. The Rasmus Meyer Collection, Rasmus Meyers allé 7. Several of Edvard Munch’s major works are on display here in this venerable mansion in the middle of Rasmus Meyers allé. Masterpieces from Norway’s cultural heritage from 1750 to 1915 are also housed here.

Open: Every day 1100–1700 (15 Sept–14 May, closed Mondays).
Price: 50,-/35,-
Guide: N
Situated: Bergen centre

Bergen Art Museum / Bergen Kunstmuseum
Rasmus Meyers allé 3, 7, 9. N-5015 Bergen
Tel: (+47) 55 56 80 00.
Fax: (+47) 55 56 80 11.
Bergen Art Museum three collection´s comprises masterpieces of Munch

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