Beitostølen Aktiv & Skiskole (Active & Ski School)

Beitostølen Aktiv & Skiskole
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Beitostølen Aktiv & Skiskole (Active & Ski School)

Beitostølen Active & Ski School was named in 2002. It offers instruction in alpine skiing, snowboard, telemark, cross country, SMX, and more ...

Beito Aktiv events and activities section of frimat, which is operated year round. Many guests come back year after year with their companies for various events.

It is also very popular to book activities in connection with bachelor parties, birthdays and friends year round.

Not only Winter Events ... During the summer we have many exciting activities.

River rafting, rock climbing, hill court, river boarding, boat hire, canyoning, fishing location guide.

We are now a year-round enterprise engaged in activities throughout the year. Everything in the surroundings of Joutnheimens court.

Our Summer Camp at Lake Øyangen is built as an oasis in the mountains.

8-edge where we serve food in cozy surroundings, especially with a fire and a sea of reindeer skins.

In 2010 we started a closer collaboration with the Mountain Race, Beito Husky Tours and Myhre Farm.

We have teamed up to offer our guests the best of adventure and service.

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