Beautiful Bjugn

Beautiful Bjugn

Bjugn is famous for its beautiful and varied nature with idyllic skerries and the ocean just off the coast. You can fish in the sea, fjords, rivers and lakes and gather mushrooms and berries. Here you find many historical places to visit and the area also offers several different activities such as a rollerskating rink and bowling.

Bjugn lies on the west side of Fosen Peninsula in South Trøndelag. With our wide variety of nature and cultural heritage, we are sure there is something here to interest you. The municipality offers beautiful scenery and a varied wildlife, perfect for all outdoor activities such as trekking, fishing, hunting etc. Bjugn is a municipality of 384 km2 and 4550 inhabitants. Its neighboring municipalities are Ørland, Åfjord and Rissa. The city of Trondheim is about two hours travel from Botngård village centre by car – including the - 25 minute ferry ride Rørvik - Flak.

Fishing village holiday

Fosen Rorbuer hires out fishermen's shacks with room for 4-6 people and the use of a boat with motor is included. Remember to visit the Skjærgårdskro cafeteria. For contact ring tel.: 72 52 94 65 / 92 44 80 64.

Fishing Adventure

Benn Wahl offers an idyll in fishing and life among the skerries. Overnight accommodation in large and pleasant houses. "And so much fish too!"Benn Wahl, tel.: 90 60 69 00, fax.: 72 52 72 53

Stiftelsen Frohavet (The Frohavet Foundation)

The Frohavet foundation is situated in Lysøysund, a little village on the edge of the coast at Fosen. Three arrangements are held annually. The Skerry March in May, Coastal Culture Days 9th-11th August and Autumn Sailing with a market in September. During the Coastal Culture Days one can experience coastal culture in the form of entertainment, sailing with veteran boats, strolls along the sea front and perhaps some shopping among the many market stands. One can also taste and purchase seafood and traditional food. Tel.: 72529300, fax: 72 52 91 80.

Fosen is a peninsula north-west of the Trondheimsfjord. The region has an exciting variety of landscapes and villages. Farming, fishing and trade are the principal industries. Valseid, Oksvoll. Protected area with burial cairn and stone circle from the early Iron Ages when Valseid was a strategic point on the coast.

The multitude of plant-, animal- and bird- species makes Fosen a fascinating area for people concerned with nature. Here you can find a wonderland for ornithologists. The country is also perfect for walking tours. Also in the wonderful Fosenhallen, where one could see that the people of Bjugn were proud to have so many skaters from all over the world to take part in this 18th Masters All around games competition.

Austrått Fort and Fosen military history collection - strategic importance during the occupation

Experience in 18th Masters’ International Speed Skating all around games competition In Bjugn

Bjugn Tourist Information:
Bjugn kommune
Alf Nebbs gate 2
7160 BJUGN
Ph: +47/72 51 95 00
Fax:+47/72 51 95 01
Opening hours: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Bjugn community - west side of Fosen Peninsula in South Trøndelag

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