Barents Seafishing

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Barents Seafishing
Walsøenesvegen 34 NO-9765
00 47 48 17 41 56
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Barents Seafishing

The village "Gjesvaer" Known in generations for it's rich fishing spots. The only reason people settle down here was fishing and the islands that surround’s us and gives us the best natural harbor. Here you can catch fish like Cod, Halibut, Haddock, catfish, sea wolf and coalfish. You can also catch the king crabs with a special net.

Gjesvær at a glance:

  • Fishing village with 140 inhabitants
  • School, post office, shop, kindergarten, fish factory
  • 35 kilometers from the North cape
  • Midnight sun and northern lights
  • Temperatures in the winter 0 to -7 degrees
  • Temperature in the summer 10 to 25 degrees
  • Reindeer in the streets
  • Food from the ocean: king crab, shells and many sorts of fish
  • The northernmost birch forest in the world
  • 106 islands and reefs

Facilities you will get here:

The perfect place to stay while visiting the North Cape. A charming cabin for hire, situated at the harbour of Gjesvær, amazing view and peaceful surroundings. Unique memories and a wonderful stay are guaranteed.

Cruises & Fishing
Take a closer look at the wildlife on one of the biggest bird nesting areas in Norway - the Gjesværstappan, the adventure awaits.

Our specialty is fish burger and fish beef. Our location on the shore of the Barents sea in the very north of Norway, gives us fresh fish for our dishes. We also serve chicken, leafbeef, hamburgers, toasts and salads.

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