Villmarkstur DA (Place to Visit)

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Villmarkstur DA
Furuvn. 14 NO-9360
+ 47 479 23 980
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Villmarkstur DA (Place to Visit)

Villmarkstur is situated at the gateway to the wilderness, in Bardu, Central Troms, near Dividalen and Rohkuborri national parks.

Our hosts are friendly people doing their utmost to offer you good and exciting experiences on our trips.

We can help you with clothing and other necessities if you lack some of the necessary equipment. We rent out canoe, boat, snowmobile, lavvu and gamme (traditional turf hut).

We can pick you up on your arrival, if necessary.

Wilderness is a tourism company established in 2005. Our main goal is to deliver true nature of a national and international market. Our base is in Bardstown County in Inner Troms. The company has 5 owners that actively addresses the assignment in cooperation with hired labor. Everyone who works in Villmarkstur have varying experience and expertise in hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation.

Our vision is to deliver arctic adventure in a wild, beautiful and free nature. Wilderness is a member of Troms Tourism and Visit Bardstown.

From the coast of Troms and large stretches inland forests and mighty rivers in the heart of the largest wildernesses in Scandinavia. The area is rich in animal / - plant and bird life. There are populations of wolverines, bears, lynx. If you're lucky, maybe you can hear the wolves from time to time too. Inner Troms offers good prospects for grouse hunting, fishing, and the really great outdoor experiences.

Altevatn, Lein, Gevdna, Gama and Vuoma are the five major lakes in Inner Troms. Altevatn Lein and is widely used as transportation corridors to the fringes of the wilderness areas.

National parks and areas around the lakes is a diver of opportunities for fishing and recreation. With a suitable infrastructure in these unique areas we help to make your trip easier, safer. In addition, you get a good starting point for adventures.

Fishing is best done from boats, shore or in rivers. in Bardstown, the idea of a new fire, "altevasskjea" was born. This unique fishing gear is available now purchased in most of the country's sports business and is a must if you visit the Inner Troms.

Inner Troms is known for its deposits of li and grouse. This tasteful and arctic birds can be hunted for, 10 September 15 March. The hunt for the Government because. Hunting licenses can be purchased from us. Hunting areas are lettgådd with varying terrain. This consists mostly of hilly terrain with a variety of viakratt and open marshes. Mountain Grouse hunting is also possible.

In Troms are the largest carnivores such as bears, wolverines and lynx. Here are some specimens of the endangered mountain foxes for thousands of years has evolved to survive in polar conditions. In the summer of 2004 it was discovered breeding of arctic foxes in the area. Streif End wolf is also the area stop by occasionally.

Here in the borderland between Norway and Sweden are wilderness areas that are well suited for active outdoor life. There are several marked trails, open cottages, condos Hiking Association and wilderness camps in several places. Most suitable for outdoor activities both summer and winter.

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