Banken Cultural Centre, Lillehammer

Banken Cultural Centre, Lillehammer

This magnificent building, almost 100 years old, was renovated in connection with the 1994 Olympic Winter Games. The interiors are richly decorated with contemporary art and art from the turn-of-the-century and are very well suited for concerts, theater performances, receptions, conferences, etc. Lillehammer's strong traditions in art, music and literature, along with its exhibitions, have acted as a premise for municipal planning.

The Kulturhuset Banken which was completed in 1895, was renovated in conjunction with the Winter Olympic Games in 1994. The interiors are richly decorated with art both contemporary and from the turn of the century and are very well suited for concerts, theater and dance performances. Today, it is the pride and joy of Lillehammer. No-one can remain unaffected by this immense building, the interior of which has been decorated with a blend of contemporary art and art from the turn of the century.

Banken has confirmed its position as the town’s “good old cultural centre”. The building is a centre for cultural activities and events. Because of the 1994 Olympics, it has also become a national venue. Banken became a “national celebrity” during the Olympics in Lillehammer, as the venue for NRK’s (the Norwegian Broadcasting Company) daily evening programme “Window on Lillehammer”.

Hour: 09.00-15.00

Address and Contact:
Kirkegata 41
2609 Lillehammer
Phone 61 05 08 00

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