Baklandet Skydsstation (A Peaceful and Idyllic Place)

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Baklandet Skydsstation
Øvre Bakklandet 33 NO-7013
73 92 10 44

Baklandet Skydsstation (A Peaceful and Idyllic Place)

Since 1997 has been Skydsstation a peaceful and idyllic place where you can enjoy old-fashioned surroundings with good food and drink. It is incredibly good for the timber buildings on the hinterland in Trondheim.

From the restaurant you are looking at including the Cathedral and Old Town Bridge is a stone's throw away, not to mention the world's only bicycle lift and castle.

Opening hours are 12:00 to 01:00 every day. Welcome!

In the farm must previously have been driven carriage man business and skydsstasjon, but this is not documented. From the 1860s there was a hatter shop in the farm. The house belonged to the late 1800's Martha Wise Seth and later a carpenter Ingebrigt Eide.

In the years 1896-1944, it was selling milk at the farm, which received their goods from Melhus dairy. It has also been driven carpentry shop, laundry and ironing business, skredderi and a very early edition of trucking in the farm's first floor. Huser acted only as homes in the years 1944-1995 as architect Trond Eide bought it. It has since been renovated from the antiquated principles and stands today as a well-maintained, with lots of interesting antiquarian detail. Istandsettelsen makes the house of an attraction in itself.

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