Ambassaden AS (Visiting Place)

Ambassaden AS
Hindrem NO-7125
74 85 96 20
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Ambassaden AS (Visiting Place)

The Embassy is a family enterprise startade's verksamhet in Sweden 1997 with all its verksamhet in Norway. As we originally come from Sweden was named the Swedish Sports Dykambassaden AS.

Located in scenic surroundings in Leksvik municipality.

Undisturbed surroundings make for you can have full focus on undisturbed environment allows you to fully focus on dine guests and all the activities, we can offer your guests an I and all the activities, we can offer in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

Accommodation for a reasonable price in flerbedsrom in cabins. We ARE well equipped to keep the courses and conferences.

Instead of you who want lush, with lots of good food and good drink. A place that offers culinary fish and game dishes. A place that offers culinary fish and game dishes.

Across the water from Trondheim (on the sunny side of the fjord) lies the picturesque Hindrem and an exciting outdoor centre where you will find many possibilities for a variety of activities.The centre has a rustic middle age design and is highly recommended for its numerous amount of activities including.

Fishing, Kayaking, Outdoor bathing, Diving, Diving tuition, Mountaineering, Accommodation, Eating place, Bar, Sauna with ice plunge pool etc.etc..

Suitable for both large and small groups, company parties-group development courses and family parties.

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