Alpine - Kvitfjell, Skeikampen skiing terrain

Alpine - Kvitfjell, Skeikampen skiing terrain

130 km of cross-country ski trails in varied terrain. The network of trails is linked to Gålå and Skeikampen with their 480 km, leaving some 600 km of trails stretching across forest-clad hills and mountain terrain. Along the trails you will find idyllic mountain farm areas. The fauna is abundant, and elk, deer, hare, fox and capercaillie are just some of the animals you may encounter in the forests.

Excellent routes are Skardbua located up in the mountains between Kvitfjell and Skeikampen, or the Gumpen Round Trip. The Dæhlie round trip (3.5 km) is ideal if you are looking for a shorter route. High quality cross-country skiing maps covering the World of Per Gynt in full, or Kvitfjell’s network of trails only,are available for purchase.

For those of you have thought the summer season has been too long and have been longing for the ski season to start can relax.

The snow condition in the slopes is great and the Après Skis are open. The youngsters can enjoy themselves in the kids’ slopes, where service minded staff will take good care of them. If they get tired, they can always pay "Bamsebo" (a small lodge) a visit, where they can watch videos, draw, play or just read a book.

In Kvitfjell you will find everything that will make your stay very memorable, either you are here with your colleagues or friends. Here you will come across plenty of fresh Mountainair and beautiful astonishing views. Kvitfjell Aktiv is the supplier of activities at the destination as well as the close surrounding area. Kvitfjell Aktiv offers many different activities that suit small and larger groups.
Winter at night in Kvitfjell

Winter Activities:

Her follows a short summary of the activities that offer:

  • Romperaciade/sleighing competition: A great activity for those who like to have some fun in the snow. We use the "romperacer", which is a sleighing tool made of wood. First of all we will divide the group into teams that will compete against each other. Two teams will compete at one time and the winner will advance to the next round.
  • The Kvitfjell Search: The participants receive a map which reveals where the marks stations/posts are. At each station the team will have to solve a task, either practical or theoretical, which will give them a new map. The teammates have to co-operate and solve the problems/tasks together.
  • The Kvitfjelliade: This is a great activity for larger groups. The activity is organized in such way that everybody can participate. Two teams will compete at each post, and when the teams are done with one task they have to move on to the next one. Below you will find a list of exercises you can choose from:
    -- Bow & Arrow
    -- "Irish X-mas eve"
    -- Tug relay race
    -- Nailing Strip
    -- Snowshoe relay race
    -- Wood bowling
    -- Team-ski
    -- Throw a stump
    -- Tug of war
    -- Romperaciade/sleighing race
    -- Sack race
  • Lunch-orienteering
  • Guided ski tour in the mountains: The ski tour will take place a little west of Kvitfjell in a terrain that varies a lot. The length of this activity is totally up to you and your group. The tour is not a physical challenge, but some people might feel some muscle pain afterwards. We have sufficient equipment that we will prepare for your guided tour.
  • Ice climbing: Ice climbing is an activity that is suitable for smaller groups that wish to participate in an exciting activity. Experienced instructors will guide the group through the necessary safety regulations and they will make this moment memorable for you. The waterfall is approximately 12 meters high and a nice challenge for those who like adventures. This activity can be combined with a lunch at the base camp.
  • Dog sleighing: At Kvitfjell you get the chance to be in charge of the sleigh. The dogs are very well trained and experienced and have done this many times before. The tour starts at Kvitfjell Hestesenter (the stable) and will go in over the mountain. Half way there is a little break, and if you wish we can serve warm drinks or maybe a lunch depending on your request.
  • Horse & sleigh: This is an unforgettable ride in the dark winter night, which can be combined with many different activities. The ride goes along the roads among the many beautiful alpine lodges and cottages here in Kvitfjell. You can choose to have a short break where we can serve warm toddy to drink.
  • Parallell Cup / Slalom race: The most popular race is the "Parallel Cup". Two people will compete against each other and the winner will proceed to the next round. We have possibilities to build a jump or two if you wish. Another race we can organize is the "Fun race", which is not an ordinary slalom race. The fun race contains of different obstacles the skier must overcome or complete before he/she can move on. The skiing skills are not the most important here, but to have fun and enjoy the moment.
  • Ski courses: Have you never tried alpine, carving, snowboard, telemark or cross-country skiing before or are you an experienced skier who wants new challenges in the slopes, this is a golden opportunity for you to explore new territory. Kvitfjell has the perfect slopes for beginners as well as more advanced skiers. This activity will be organized depending on the groups’ skills and desires.
  • Dining opportunities

The top slopes as well as the slopes on the "Vestsiden" (West side) is open as soon as the snow conditions allow it. The lower part of the downhill slope also open as usual open up December 25th. As soon as there is enough natural snow the cross-country trails will be opened. In order to prepare the trails, we need at least 30-40 cm of snow. From experience, a limited km of trails will open in mid-November.

After a few runs in the slopes, we all get tired and what could be better than to enjoy a hot chocolate or something to eat (homemade food of course) at Mammut Mat & Bar, the new restaurant/cafè in Kvitfjell? Mammut Mat & Bar also caters food to the lodges in Kvitfjell for those of you who would like some extra luxury while you are on vacation.

If you enjoy following newly prepared tracks, visit to check the GPS tracker for the trail grooming vehicle.

Summer in Kvitfjell

Kvitfjell has a lot to offer during the summer. Here, and in the surrounding area, you will find many activities and places to visit for both young and old during the whole summer. So, why not plan a trip to Kvitfjell and experience the wonderful summer landscape, fresh mountain air and spectacular view over Gudbrandsdalen.
summer activities in Kvitfjell
Under you will find a selection of places to visit and things to do this summer in Kvitfjell and Gudbrandsdalen:

  • Hiking/biking - In Kvitfjell you will find endless paths for hiking and biking. If you have a lot of energy, the paths from Kvitfjell are connected with Skeikampen and Gålå - a distance between 20-30 km. Many of the paths have been improved for this summer season. Along the paths are several possibilities for picnics at designated areas. For those who are keen on fishing, we suggest you to bring equipment......there are many great fishing waters along the paths. For more information and maps, please contact Kvitfjell Booking +47 61 28 36 30.
  • Ringebu stave church - the church was built in the beginning of the 11th century. The stave church is the largest of the of 28 stave churches left in Norway. The church is open daily and there are guided tours
  • Fishing - there are many lakes, rivers, and brooks where one can fish. If you have your fishing equipment, then all you need is a fishing permit. A fishing permit can be bought at for example Ringebu Skysstasjon (train station) ph. +47 61 28 47 00.
  • Rafting - rafting was born in Norway and one will find many great rivers and waterfalls to raft on. According to the Norwegians the best rafting will be found in Sjoa, approximately 45 minutes north of Ringebu. For more information about rafting read here.
  • Hunderfossen - an amusement park for children......and adults. In the park you will find an Eldora do of activities for both young and old. For example you will find, the children’s farm, swimming pool, rafting, car-tracks, and a lot of other entertainment. For more information, click here.
  • Golf - in 2001 an 18-hole golf course opened in Kvitfjell. It is located at the downhill finishing area along the river Lågen. The course has the character of a links course and is open between May and late September. You will find a driving range, a putting/chipping green and a bunker at the practice area. For more information about the golf course, click here

Kvitfjell Tour suggestions

  • Blue Gompen trail: 20 km
  • Yellow-green trail: 25 km
  • The Dæhlie trail: 6.5 km
  • Orange trail 7 km: 7 km
  • Ski lessons – ski hire facilities available

Tel: +47 926 77 745
Opplev Kvitfjell Skiskole - tel: +47 926 77 745
Sport 1 Kvitfjell - tel: + 47 926 77 745
Kvitfjell - Ski resort:
More details info:
Dog sleighing in Kvitfjell


“The best skiing terrain in Norway” according to brochures from 1938. The first ski tourist arrived at Gausdal Høifjellshotell at 11pm an evening in January 1895. Since then, the region has attracted skiers from all over Europe.

A 200 km trail network is available in the area surrounding Skeikampen and Austlid, and this is also linked to the network of trails at the Peer Gynt Ski Region and Kvitfjell. I total, we can offer almost 600 km of prepared trails. All routes are marked using a colour coding system. The colour codes match
the markings on the maps covering the trail network. Routes suitable for all age groups and skill levels are available, ranging from gentle family trips to more demanding exercise trails.

To be able to do things beside skiing is more and more important. In Skeikampen have lots of acitivities that you can participate in, or do on your own or with your children or friends. Everyting from Dog sledding, Sleigh rides, Gocartsledding, Airboards, ice skating, sledding etc. Reservation of activities in the ski school office one day in advance.

From January 2010 Skeikampen Ski School and Activities are proud to present Paragliding on our weekly activity program. The offer is a tandemjump from the top of the mountain Skeikampen and estimated flying time is about 4-5 minutes minimum. Skeikampen Ski School and Activities AS is working together with the experienced paraglider Stig Kampesveen, who is licensed to take guests out on tandem flights.

Skeikampen Tour suggestions

  • Orange round trip: 13,6 km
  • Toppløypa - orange route back :11 km
  • Bjørga round trip: 8.5km
  • Black round trip, Veslesetervatnet: 3.9 km
  • Ski lessons & ski hire facilities available

tel: +47 61229233
Skeikampen Skiutleie tel :+47 61220872
Skeikampen Resort:
Skeikampen - real mountain enjoyment.

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