Fiskeværet Halten (The fishing village of Halten)

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Fiskeværet Halten
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Fiskeværet Halten (The fishing village of Halten)

An unforgettable trip, a wonderful experience for adults and children. At Halten you can live and stay in a clean and maritime environment added from the hustle and rush. Halten fishing village located in east of the archipelago that from stretching from the southwest to Titran Halten in the northeast.

Halten have been visited as far back as people walk on the water. The oldest written the info on the Halten is from 1548, in the form of paid bilge utrorsavgift in accounting.

The fishing village was established in earnest in 1779 when Henry bought Borthen Froan. Borten familien Borten family owned fishing village until 1927 when South Trøndelag Agricultural Company redeemed fishing village.

Thobias Ulrik Borten, grandson of Henry Borten accounted for most of the development of 1868 to the First World War which houses husbestyreren and Halten trade.

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